Mada e-wallet

Features That Make Business Easier


By providing our merchants the ability to accept digital payments at low transaction fees without the need for an expensive POS device, Fortune Pay is a more cost efficient alternative to other payment methods.

Real-time Reporting

Take advantage of Mada e-wallet's accurate, real-time internet based transaction history and reporting capabilities to properly manage, assess and optimize store sales

Easy Integration

Unlike other payment options, Mada e-wallet boasts an efficient single platform integration process that only requires a few easy steps.

Safety and security

Mada e-wallet is built on the most secure standards that greatly reduce merchant risk and exposure to fraud.

Marketing Exposure

Being one of Mada e-wallet merchant family means being included in marketing and promotional initiatives, improving your business' store traffic and general brand visibility and reputation.

Faster Settlement

All transactions using Mada e-wallet will be settled directly to the merchants' bank account on the next business day, improving cash flow and funds management.

Customer Convenience

Mada e-wallet simple, intuitive and efficient mobile payment service would enhance customer satisfaction and definitely improve your business relationship with your customers.

Mada e-wallet

Mada e-wallet empowers you to have full control over your finances at anytime, anywhere, by combining convenience and reliability with secure world-class payment technology and infrastructure. 

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